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Friday, June 5th, 2020
Be on HIGH alert for 3 weeks. Here’s why.

Be on HIGH alert for 3 weeks. Here’s why.

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by December 5, 2018 News, Security

Members of the SAPS have warned residents throughout Joburg that they need to be on HIGH alert over the next three weeks. According to two local detectives, this is their busiest time of the year. Many of them are unable to take leave as they cannot spare the manpower needed to cope with the high levels of crime.

Apparently there will be a short reprieve in the number of house robberies over Christmas, before it kicks in again in the New Year. It therefore makes sense to make it as difficult as possible for criminals to access your property, access your home, and find your valuables for the next three weeks!

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A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Criminals will rarely break glass as it alerts neighbours to a problem. They often prefer bending burglar bars to breaking windows. Despite the heat, it is recommended that you close ALL windows when you are away from home – especially when travelling.
  • Dogs might not always bark at intruders – many animals feel that they need to protect YOU. If you are not home, they might not be as vigilant.
  • The main bedroom is often one of the first places intruders will look – jewellery, electronics, firearms and other valuables can usually be found there. Consider placing valuable jewellery in a ziplock bag in the kitchen – inside a bag of frozen peas, inside a tin of tea bags, or even immersed in a bag of flour.
  • If you are away, try and make a plan for someone to turn the lights on and off as usual.
  • Have your alarm, electric fence, beams and panic buttons serviced before you leave.
  • Keep a file with receipts of all valuables – this will help the insurance company process your claim faster than usual, should something happen.
  • Request that your insurance company visits your home to take an inventory and photographs of your valuables – once again, this will ensure they pay the maximum amount should your home be burgled.

As always, avoid wearing valuables, carrying large amounts of cash, or using your phone while driving at sunset or at night (the blue light is highly visible and makes you a prime target)!

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Any other crime tips that you’d like to share with local residents? Please share them below – every bit helps!

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