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Thursday, January 28th, 2021
Christmas Gift Wrap for R1 per metre!

Christmas Gift Wrap for R1 per metre!

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by November 14, 2018 Charities, General, News, Shops

Here are a few BRILLIANT reasons why you should wrap all your Christmas gifts in Brown Paper this year!

  1. Your purchase will help raise funds to buy a Hiace for 7 children that require daily transportation from a squatter camp to Sparrow Schools, a school for children with learning difficulties.
  2. Brown paper is recyclable – as opposed to many other gift wraps.
  3. Brown paper is incredibly cost-effective at around R1 per metre!
  4. Brown paper is VERY on trend with so many exciting ways to personalise it.

So there you have it – the opportunity to SAVE money, SAVE the environment, be SUPER-TRENDY, and be a SILENT HERO!

It’s a win-win situation!

How to order:

Contact Teresa Richards from Charity Fusion

Tel: 072 477 2319


Choose between: Individual sheets – 505 x 706cm (R170 for 500 sheets) and thicker brown paper in a large roll (approximately R1 per metre).

Get inspired: see our roundup of ideas below!

Here are a few gift-wrapping ideas to inspire you:

1, Washi Tape on brown paper – what could be simpler?

2. A brilliant way to use family photos, old cards or beautiful prints!

3. Tiny wreaths are so inexpensive – but definitely have the wow factor. Or make your own!

4. Some string, a little greenery, and stamped or handwritten cheery messages – stunning!

5. A little paint splatter never looked so good!

6. Go BIG with the ribbon!


Email: for details!

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