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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019
Crime Alert: Scams to avoid this month!

Crime Alert: Scams to avoid this month!

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by December 19, 2018 News, Security

There are a number of crime alerts this week!

As usual, please inform older children and all domestic staff about these weekly alerts. And let us know about new ones that crop up – comment below or leave a message on our Facebook page.

Forewarned is forearmed!

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A local suburb reported that a gentleman by the name of “Barlin” had approached a homeowner saying that he had lost his airpods. He had tracked the airpods to their address and requested access to try and find them. Should you be approached with a similar story, please contact your security company and request they handle it on your behalf.

City Power has asked that all residents VERIFY the credentials of a person, technician or contractor before giving them access to your property. They should have an I.D. card with a photo, identity verification number, expiry date, hologram and contact numbers. You can also verify their credentials with City Power’s Risk Control Unit on 011 490 7911/ 7553/ 7900.

Aggressive compost sellers are also roaming our streets. They will happily give you a quote on a number of bags of compost or lawn dressing, and then proceed to use many more in your garden. They can become quite aggressive when demanding payment for the additional bags used. Please do NOT support them and contact your security company should they be active in your street.

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‘Tis the Season to take safety precautions

We cannot stress enough that this is the police’s busiest time of the year. If you’d like to avoid being the victim of crime this month, please take this valuable advice:

  • Criminals will rarely break glass as it alerts neighbours to a problem. They often prefer bending burglar bars to breaking windows. Despite the heat, it is recommended that you close ALL windows when you are away from home – especially when travelling.
  • Dogs might not always bark at intruders – many animals feel that they need to protect YOU. If you are not home, they might not be as vigilant.
  • The main bedroom is often one of the first places intruders will look – jewellery, electronics, firearms and other valuables can usually be found there. Consider placing valuable jewellery in a ziplock bag in the kitchen – inside a bag of frozen peas, inside a tin of tea bags, or even immersed in a bag of flour.
  • If you are away, try and make a plan for someone to turn the lights on and off as usual.
  • Have your alarm, electric fence, beams and panic buttons serviced before you leave.
  • Keep a file with receipts of all valuables – this will help the insurance company process your claim faster than usual, should something happen.
  • Request that your insurance company visits your home to take an inventory and photographs of your valuables – once again, this will ensure they pay the maximum amount should your home be burgled.
  • Do not carry ANY valuables with you – even your phone. And don’t leave it lying on a restaurant table while you eat. Keep all valuables out of sight!
  • Pickpocketing is on the rise – ensure that your bag is closed and kept close to your body. Put it between your feet at a restaurant instead of open on a chair next to you or hung over the back of your chair.
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