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Friday, June 5th, 2020
ALERT: Domestic workers are being followed to work

ALERT: Domestic workers are being followed to work

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by November 28, 2018 News, Security

CRIME REPORT IN BRIEF: Domestic workers followed to work on Mount Street, Bryanston; House Robbery on 3 Henry Rd, Rivonia; Bryanston runners take note; and driver loses control of vehicle on Homestead & Bryanston Drive.

1. Domestic workers followed to work on Mount Street, Bryanston

An eblockwatch member raised the crime alert about domestic staff being tailed to work. Their quick-thinking housekeeper pressed the intercom instead of using her remote when she became aware that she was being followed.

Action Plan:

According to eblockwatch founder, Andre Snyman, “My advice here is to rather not give out remotes because it puts your staffs’ lives in danger if criminals know that they have one. Also have a code if they press the intercom. Give them a name to call you if there is danger.

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2. House Robbery on Henry Rd, Rivonia

(26 November) – An unknown number of suspects lifted the gate of Henry Road, Rivonia and gained entry to the house while the homeowners were at work. They escaped with electronic devices including TVs and laptops.

Action Plan:

Chat to your security company about fitting an anti-lift device onto your gate. Ensure that your alarm is activated each time you leave the house.

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3. Crime alert: Bryanston runners take note

(9 November) – A message has been sent out regarding those running in the Bryanston area near Wilton and Grosvenor. Please keep an eye out for a white Corolla-type vehicle. A local resident was reportedly attacked on Wilton at 5:15am during her run. “They tried to pull me into the car. I gratefully got away with only my T-shirt torn.”

Action Plan:

Avoid running alone. Register with so that your phone can quickly be tracked should you go missing.

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4. Driver loses control of vehicle corner Homestead & Bryanston Drive

(24 November) – The 23-year old male lost control of his Volkswagen hatchback and crashed into a wall before 9pm. No-one was hurt.

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