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Thursday, August 22nd, 2019
#SupportLocal – Magic Blox 4 Life

#SupportLocal – Magic Blox 4 Life

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by January 29, 2019 News, Shops

Let’s face it, it’s harder than ever to be a kid these days – never mind a teenager!

Not only are our kids living in a country that faces security and financial challenges, but parents are also more stressed (and stretched) than ever before.

Social media and incredible pressure at schools serves to compound the issue further, and we wonder why our children are struggling, anxious or battling at school!

Enter Magic Blox 4 Life – a Bryanston-based company that works to equip children, teens and adults with a strong emotional foundation, and the skills and tools to lead positive, happy and mindful lives!

The programmes equip them with the skills and tools to:

  • Overcome challenges in their lives
  • Build self-confidence, social skills and self- awareness
  • Improve relaxation and concentration skills
  • Improve parent- child and teacher- child communication
  • Teach behavioural skills to help self-regulate their emotions and responses.

All ages are catered for, with separate groups, workshops and courses available:


If you feel that your child would benefit from life coaching, workshops on bullying, developing a stronger sense of self, or working through their emotions in a better manner, then contact Julie to book your FREE spot at the next Information Evening.

Contact: Julie McCarthy

Tel: +27 (0) 83 3256076

Address: Magic Blox Studio, 50 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston



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