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Thursday, April 9th, 2020

Rational Radio – Investing in world at war with germs; Sol Kerzner; Ocean Basket; maths for all.

by March 23, 2020 Financial News

BizNews — In this week’s episode of Rational Radio, David Shapiro and Delphine Govender help us keep cools head while Mr Market is losing his. Plus a MUST LISTEN interview about SA’s late Sun King with Ian Douglas who shares the person behind the image – his long-time friend of Sol Kerzner’s. Also Ocean Basket’s CEO Grace Harding talks about the challenge of handling a sudden 58% drop in sales and James Lees explains why his company is making its archive of over 2 000 online maths tutorials available, for free, to high school students now confined to (home) barracks. …

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Author: BizNews The Daily Insider

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