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Thursday, January 28th, 2021
Sandton SPCA Needs Your Help!

Sandton SPCA Needs Your Help!

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by August 1, 2018 Charities, News

IN BRIEF: Sandton SPCA was robbed over the weekend; electronic goods stolen; animals unharmed – funds urgently needed to upgrade their security system.

(Sunday 29 July) – Sandton SPCA staff were left devastated when they arrived for work on Sunday morning, only to find that the venue had been ransacked, electronic goods taken and a trail of destruction had been left behind.

As one of the staff members stated on social media, “We were shocked, utterly shocked and just could not believe it. It was desecration and violation to the highest order. We were just rooted to one spot, taking in the mess made of our familiar surroundings.”

A quick inspection revealed that all the animals in their care were safe and unharmed, much to their relief.

SPCA images of burglary

What was taken and/or damaged

  • Five computers and a laptop were stolen
  • A flat screen TV and two projectors that are used in their education programs have also been taken
  • A number of doors, including sliding doors, have been damaged
  • Their telephone, alarm and CCTV have been damaged beyond repair
  • The recently-opened Charity Shop has also been left in disrepair

How you can help!

  • Financial donations are urgently needed to repair the damage, replace broken systems and stolen items, and install an upgraded security system.
  • Support the SPCA with your Woolworths MySchool Card (make sure the Sandton SPCA is listed as your beneficiary).
  • Purchase food and pet accessories via Takealot and have it delivered directly to the Sandton SPCA.
  • Volunteer your time (their communication systems have been damaged and stolen – please drop by: 9th Street, Marlboro Gardens)

SPCA animals

Please donate by EFT using the below details:

Sandton SPCA
First National Bank
Branch code: 260950
Account number: 62256139629
Reference: Security

Let’s band together and help support this amazing organisation and the beautiful animals that rely on their care!


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