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Thursday, January 28th, 2021
Owl be back on Thursday!

Owl be back on Thursday!

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by March 13, 2019 Charities, News

As if we needed any MORE reasons to love the Sandton Sports Club (SCC) – they are about to accept placement of their very first Spotted Eagle Owl!

Thanks to generous donations from SCC Members and Sandhurst Pre- & Preparatory College, the SCC has built an owl cage between their tennis courts and play area in order to rehome and release a rescued owl!

Children from Sandhurst Pre -& Preparatory College will assist in the owl’s daily feeding schedules, with additional assistance from SSC members.

The SCC has been working closely with – a probono organisation that relies on donations for the amazing work they are doing. currently works with a number of schools to create education and awareness about owls, while also helping to rehome and release owls they have received through rehabilitation centres and SPCA branches across Gauteng.  

According to, the release program takes place over a three-week period. For the first 20 days, Barn owls are placed into an owl release box where they are fed daily by the school children, who take on the role of surrogate parents to the owls.

After 20 days, the owls are released from the owl release box into the school premises. For the next week, the children continue to place food for the owls to ensure that they do not leave the area. The owls then use the owl box as a breeding site and will remain on the premises, where they will hunt for rodents. 

Come and meet the SCC’s very first Spotted Eagle Owl on Thursday 14 March at 3pm. EcoSolutions will be on hand to ring the owlet and give a short talk.

All welcome!

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