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Friday, June 5th, 2020

Small Business Institute CE John Dludlu proposes risk adjusted approach to avoid economic catastrophe

by May 21, 2020 Financial News

BizNews — The small business sector is widely seen as a life blood of the economy, and it is no different for South Africa. In an interview with Biznews editor-in-chief Alec Hogg, Chief Executive of the Small Business Institute, John Dludlu, laments the fact that when the country was moved from Stage 5 to Stage 4 in its lockdown small businesses were left behind. As Dludlu proposes a risk adjusted approach to the reopening of the economy, he sees lives and livelihoods intertwined and says as adults who have rights, so too small business owners have responsibilities to ensure their and the safety of their employees. He also discusses the steps the SBI has taken to engage with government in an attempt to develop a voice for its 3.9 million members who need to be heard and allowed to move on in order to avoid a catastrophe in the country. – Nadya Swart …

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Author: BizNews The Daily Insider

This article was originally posted on BizNews.

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